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Faces Unique Expressions is pleased to welcome visitors to our beautiful gallery. Let us be your partner when discovering art and culture firsthand. In our exhibition galleries, you'll experience exquisite and extraordinary pieces at every turn ones which are sure to delight you.  What do art and culture have in common? First and foremost, they bring out joy and varying emotions from within.  Want to share this experience? Now is your chance to stop by our gallery and see for yourself what wonders await you! We look forward to meeting you!


When you have your photos ready simply e-mail me your pictures with the size you’re looking for to YOU NEED TO ATTACH OR UPLOAD PICS TO THE FOLLOWING EMAIL ADDRESS THERE IS NO REFUND AFTER 24 HOURS OF PAYMENT.  I accept money order made out to FACES UNIQUE EXPRESSIONS and paypal payments.



14 x 17   1 head                  100.00 no frame / 150.00 with standard frame

14 x 17   2 head                 200.00 no frame / 250.00 with standard frame

19 x 24   1 head                300.00 no frame / 350.00 with standard frame

19 x 24   2 head                400.00 no frame / 450.00 with standard frame

19 x 24   3 head or more    email for price